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EA Restructures

JUNE 18, 2007 • In an effort to streamline decision making, speed new ideas to market, and better manage its global business, Electronic Arts announced that it would restructure its operations into four new groups. EA Games – Under label president Frank Gibeau, the group includes the Battlefield, Burnout, Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor, […]


Xbox 360 Version of GTA IV

June 18, 2007 • During a financial conference call, Take-Two Interactive announced that it would accept $50 million from Microsoft Corp. for two exclusive downloadable episodic content packages for the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV. The first package is slated to become available via the Xbox Live Marketplace digital delivery service in […]


HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray

JUNE 11, 2007 • The HD-DVD Promotional Group reported the HD format was outselling Blu-ray dedicated players by 20% in the U.S. To date, 150,000 HD-DVD players have been sold. The Blu-ray equipped PlayStation 3 console was not included in the comparison. The group also said that HD DVD movie sales improved greatly during the […]


PAL PS3 Sales

JUNE 8, 2007 • In a guest editorial for trade magazine MCV, SCEE president and CEO David Reeves reveals that more than1 million PS3s have been sold across all PAL territories in Europe and Australia: “In terms of breakdown by Euro territories, the U.K. did very well. They are probably up to 25% of business, […]


SCE Streamining

JUNE 6, 2007 • After announcing plans in April to cut up to 160 jobs in Europe, or 8.4 percent of its workforce there, Sony Computer Entertainment says it would look at streamlining its operations in the U.S. and Japan.  Reports from employees of the American division describe the immediate lay off of between 80 […]


Carolyn Rauch Joins IDG

JUNE 6, 2007 • Entertainment Software Association senior vice president Carolyn Rauch joins IDG World Expo as vice president of event development. Rauch will be responsible for business development initiatives and cultivating new events and strategic planning. Impact: Is it coincidental that in the same year that making E3 a VIP event also saw the […]


Japan Loves Wii

JUNE 4, 2007 • According to Tokyo-based research firm Enterbrain Inc., Nintendo sold 251,794 Wii systems in May, outselling Sony’s PlayStation 3 consoles five to one. The PS3 trailed the Wii by four to one in April. Nintendo’s DS handheld outsold Sony’s PlayStation Portable five to one in May – 620,670 DSs to 123,673 PSPs. […]


Sony Cuts Blu-ray Player MSRP

JUNE 4, 2007 • Sony cut $100 off the price of its BDP-S300 Blu-ray player to $499. Growing demand for HD technology and falling production costs were cited as the reason for the price reduction. Toshiba’s competing HD-DVD player retails for less than $300. Most Blu-ray discs are played on PlayStation 3s that retails for $599. […]


India Xbox Promo

JUNE 1, 2007 • To spur sales of its Xbox 360 in India Microsoft is offering a trade-in discount to consumers. Those who exchange another video game console at the time of purchase can buy the Xbox 360 for 15,990 rupees ($395) instead of the normal MSRP of 19,990 rupees ($493). Impact: With over a […]

Director John Woo.

Ninja Gold In Development

JUNE 1, 2007 • In a break with convention, Ninja Gold is being developed concurrently as a video game and motion picture by Deus Ex gamemaker Warren Spector and action director John Woo. Usually game properties are licensed later from films, and in rare cases, the reverse is true. The idea behind the property originated […]