Xbox 360 Surpasses 30M Units

360 Gears Bundle-SMAY 28, 2009 • Microsoft Game Studios announced that the Xbox 360 had attained worldwide sales of 30 million units. That number places the console second behind the Nintendo Wii, which has sold more than 50 million units in a year less time.

Impact: At 30 million units the Xbox 360 has already surpassed lifetime sales of the original Xbox by 5 million. The challenge now is to both maintain that existing user base, while continuing to grow the overall installed base. Clearly there is pressure on Microsoft to come up with a long term profitable strategy for the Xbox 360 as both a game machine and an entertainment device. With a solid lead on the PlayStation 3, we do not see Microsoft rushing to get a new game system out the door. This means that for better or worse, the Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s play for the next few years.

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