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Ubisoft Acquires Digital Kids

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NOV. 5, 2007 • Japanese development studio Digital Kids is acquired by Ubisoft. Terms were not disclosed. With offices in Nagoya and Osaka, Digital Kids was formed in 1996, and has become very successful at creating animal simulation titles for the DS platform, including the Petz franchise for Ubisoft. Impact: Acquiring studios with an existing relationship to the publisher is becoming a regular occurrence. Both Activision and THQ have sec…..
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Ubisoft Sets Up in Chendu

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SEPT. 16, 2007 • Ubisoft opened a new game development studio in Chengdu, Sichuan, which will be headed up by Richard Tsao, formerly a senior producer at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio – Ubisoft’s second-largest development team. Ubisoft Chengdu will at first focus on other Ubisoft titles bef…..
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