December 2, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. – For a limited time through December 31st, your firm can lock in some of the biggest discounts on research packages from one of the most respected market research companies in the games industry, DFC Intelligence.

Based on all of the sources we have used over the last couple of years to build the market model, we believe DFC Intelligence is the leading third-party resource in the console digital space. –GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd, April 2015 Investor Conference Call

DFC also is a valued resource in PC gaming data such as the growing core gamer, computer game hardware and mobile game markets with complete forecasts for 35 countries and all regions of the world now available. Plus, in 2016 we will be launching our hardware and accessories forecasts, which will include PC, mobile, set-top devices as well as VR/AR accessories, headsets, and other game related hardware devices. We will also be giving subscribers full access to our gamer surveys.

We have several ways to help you get a jump on post-holiday strategic planning with incentives for companies signing up for research packages through the end of the year.   One of our most popular products, the Firehose package, provides all our research reports, access to our online database tools and more for one annual price.

Please contact us at for more information and a custom price quote on the DFC research packages best suited to your needs.