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Quantic Dream Cites Piracy on Heavy Rain

SEPT. 12, 2011 • French developer Quantic Dream estimates that it has lost a potential €10 million ($13 million) to used sales of its Heavy Rain game. The game has sold more than 2 million units, yet the PS3’s trophy system indicates more than 3 million people have played the title.

Impact: The issue of used games is a thorny one.  Of course, sales will be lost but consumers selling used products is simply a factor in pricing any commercial product, whether furniture, a house, a car or a video game.  Many consumers may be willing to pay more knowing that the game will have a resell value when they are done with it.  Other consumers may not be willing to pay the initial launch price and will only buy at a lower price.  For games that have a goal of becoming a franchise with sequels, used games can help bring in consumers to the franchise.  So actually trying to put a dollar figure on the impact of used sales is more complex than adding up the number of consumers that bought a used copy.

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