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PC Game Market Forecasts Spreadsheet

Published Date: August 2, 2018
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    This spreadsheet includes the 2018 Five-Year DFC Intelligence PC Game Market Forecasts.  PC Game Sales are from 2006-2022 with actuals from 2006 to 2017 and forecasts through 2022

    The forecasts are divided by country, region and business model.

    This spreadsheet is a data only forecast that is designed to supplement the DFC PC Game report.  That report contains much of the detail about the rational behind the forecasts.  It also contains detailed company, product and business model profiles.

    A more limited version of this data is also available as a pdf report

    Countries and Regions Included are:

        • North America: United States, Canada
        • Western Europe: U.K., Germany, France, Scandinavia, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Portugal
        • Eastern Europe: Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Romania, Greece, Other Europe
        • MENA: Turkey, Other MENA
        • Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Other Latin America
        • Asia: China, Japan, South Korea, India, SE Asia, Australia

    PC Game Sales are broken down by:

      1. online usage/subscription/virtual items
      2. digital distribution
      3. advertising revenue
      4. packaged sales