DFC Intelligence Latin America PC Games Software Market


DFC Intelligence’s Latin America PC Games Software Market report analyzes and quantifies the global market PC game software revenues and users.

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This report provides an analysis and forecast into the Latin America PC Games Software Market.  The report goes inside the numbers to examine issues impacting AAA titles, esports, indie game development, subscription services/GAAS, regulatory pressures and the growing trend toward consumers building custom PCs or upgrading to enable them to play the newest game titles.

In addition to detailed analysis, our reports comes with a separate Excel file with historic numbers and the latest updated forecasts.  Forecasts separate out revenue and users not only by the report’s regional coverage, but also by business model including pay-to-play, games as a service, free-to-play, and high-end versus low-end games.

 Key Trends Discussed

    • PC Game Distribution
    • Subscription-Based Games
    • Social, Casual and Browser Games
    • eSports
    • AAA Games vs Indie Game Development
    • VR and Metaverse Factors
    • Free-to-Play Games
    • High-End PC Games-as-a-Service (Battle Royale, MOBA, FPS)
    • High-End PC Game Hardware and Accessories and Their Impact on Games
    • Impact of other regional markets

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