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PlayStation 4 Pulls Ahead

DFC Intelligence
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JAN. 25, 2016 • On January 5, Sony Computer Ent Inc. (SCEI) announced that cumulative PlayStation 4 hardware sales reached 35.9 million units worldwide as of the first of 2016. This number was remarkably close to the 36 million units DFC Intelligence forecasted for the PS4 in in our early 2015 Worldwide Game Market Forecasts.

DFC Intelligence is known for realistically forecasting market potential and avoiding the hype surrounding many emerging markets. In 2016 the video game market will see the likely reveal of a new platform from Nintendo and the introduction of virtual reality devices for console, PC and mobile devices. The goal of DFC will be to accurately assess the impact each of these platforms will have on the global game market.

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Currently DFC Intelligence is offering a special where if you order the 2015 Worldwide Video Game Forecasts you will automatically get the 2016 version when it releases in February 2016. The good news is that our forecasts for 2015 were close to being on the money so you get all the historical data and will also get the latest updates as they are released.

DFC also offers a wide range of custom packages and online access to our data. To see a list of recent DFC reports go here.

Enthusiast PC Hardware

Perhaps the biggest news of 2016 will be the growth of PC gamer hardware. While shipments of PCs in general has been on the decline the past several years – IDC released results showing PC shipments down -10.6% for the fourth quarter – there has been significant growth in the number of PCs that specialize in games. Leading hardware companies are increasingly focusing on gamers as the biggest growth target for PC sales. DFC Intelligence forecasts that spending on PC desktop and laptop hardware for performance and enthusiast gamers will reach $29 billion in 2016. This is significantly more than the $19 billion consumers are expected to spend on dedicated console and portable game systems in 2016.

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