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Nintendo’s New 3DS System

Nintendo_3DS_SEPT. 28, 2010 • Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced that its new 3DS system will launch in Japan on Feb. 26 priced at ¥25000 ($305). The 3DS will launch in Europe and North America in March. The system will appear in black and blue versions, and the gamemaker says the design shown at the last E3 is the 3DS’ final form. Based on its channel commitments, the company projects sales of 4 million units, and 15 million 3DS titles, by March 31.

Impact: For a new system to sell 4 million units in its first month would be impressive.  The original Nintendo DS launched in November 2004 and managed to sell 2.8 million units by the end of the year.  Consumers in the marketplace are starved for new game hardware.  The 3DS clearly fits that bill.  We didn’t see how Nintendo was going to come up with a product that gives consumers the impression that a new generation of portable gaming has arrived.  The power of this system came out as a surprise and we think even with a high price point for a portable it should be a winner. 

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