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Nintendo Revenue

Nintendo Switch Sales Forecast Lowered

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For the first half of fiscal 2023 that ended 9/30/22, Nintendo reported Switch hardware sales down from 8.3 million units in the previous year period to 6.7 million.  In addition, forecasts for the year were lowered from 21 million Switch units to 19 million units. Analysis Despite the decline in hardware unit sales, Nintendo reported an increase in revenue.  This was largely due to favorable exchange rates with a strong U.S. dollar compared to the Japanese yen.  Nev…..
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Video Game Hardware Forecasts

DFC Lowers 2022 Video Game Console Forecast

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As the first quarter of 2022 comes to an end video game console shortages remain a major issue. Sales potential for both hardware and software has been limited and will remain as an issue throughout the rest of the year. While market growth is still expected, DFC’s forecasts have been lowered in expectation of limited supply. The latest DFC Intelligence forecasts expect 4% growth in the video ga…..
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Xbox Series X Consumer Survey

Consumer Interest In Xbox Still Behind PlayStation and Nintendo

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For several years DFC Intelligence has forecasted that PlayStation systems will continue to outperform Xbox systems by a significant margin. During 2021 there was some suggestion that interest in the Xbox Series X/S would increase with the Game Pass service and new exclusives like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. However, the latest DFC survey shows that consumers are still leaning heavily towards PlayStation and Nintendo systems. In a detailed survey conducted in October/November th…..
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