New Boy Scout Video Game Badge

The Boy Scouts are promoting responsible game play.

JULY 22, 2010 • The Boy Scouts of America have usually promoted activities in the great outdoors, but times they are a changing. Introduced earlier this year, and missed by many mainstream news outlets, the organization is now offering a Video Game Badge to the younger branches of scouting such as Cub Scouts and Webolos. Parents must approve of the game choice, and the title must not be violent or possess sexual content.

Impact: Early video game marketing pioneers found that one of the best advertising vehicles for their products was Boy’s Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts.  Clearly, the fact that the BSA is offering a badge in video games is a recognition of the obvious, kids love to play video games. Of course, getting the badge isn’t as fun as it sounds.  Scouts must explain the importance of the rating system and build a schedule that fits game play in with chores and homework.    

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