Last Remnant.
Last Remnant from Square Enix.

JUNE 10, 2008 • In an effort to spur Japanese interest in the Xbox 360, Microsoft unveiled a number of new RPGs for the platform from Japanese studios. Included in the Tokyo presentation were three titles from Square Enix: Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, and Last Remnant. The developer has not released it franchises on the Xbox 360 previously. Also shown was Tales of Vesperia from Namco Bandai.

Impact:  The Xbox 360 has been far stronger in the U.S. and the U.K. than it has been in other markets around the world.  To its credit Microsoft continues to fight in all markets around the world.  In Japan, sales of the Xbox 360 have been tepid. Nevertheless, Microsoft continues to aggressively court products specifically for that marketplace.  That could pay off in the long run as Microsoft proves to consumers that they don’t give up on a market just because of poor sales.  When taking a long term strategic view of a marketplace it is key to prove one is in it for the long haul.