Gravity Bear is now in Kabam’s orbit.

MARCH 29, 2012 ● Free-to-play publisher of hardcore social games Kabam announced it acquired 
Emeryville, Calif.-based 3D
game developer
Bear, creator
of the role-playing
 combat game,

Impact: There is growing focus on bringing hardcore gamers into Facebook games which traditional have appealed to a different audience.  At E3, DFC Intelligence will be presenting results of some surveys of hard-core gamers and their reaction to Facebook and browser games in general.  In addition, we are closely looking at how core gamers are reacting to the free-to-play business market in general.  Unlike, in Asia and other parts of the world core gamers have been much slower accepting F2P games in the U.S.  There is a question of whether that is lack of quality content or just an unwillingness to accept the model in general.  Kabam and its investors are placing a big bet that it is the former.