GamersFirst-SJULY 14, 2011 • GamersFirst, the publisher that purchased failed MMO All Points Bulletin and turned the title into a viable free-to-play business, said it was seriously considering shipping the game to retail for the holidays.  If so, the purchase price would be returned to the buyer as in-game currency, or special in-game items.

Impact: A special edition package containing exclusive and highly desired special edition virtual items that can be obtained no other way might make some sense at retail. But if what GamersFirst is ends up with is the same version of APB with pre-paid virtual currency, then we are very interested in learning who will buy such a retail version of APB. Are there multiple sets of potential players out there: one savvy set who knows the score and plays APB for free online, and another clueless set that doesn’t know they can play for free and will pay up front? If so, that is a much weaker retail play.