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Free-to-Play Works for Lord of the Rings Online

LOTRO-logo-SOCT. 7, 2010 • Since being converted to a free-to-play model in the first part of September, Lord of the Rings Online doubled its revenue and created over a million new accounts. Since the change 20% of former players have returned to the game for a new look. The MMO is now boasting a 400% increase in active players, and three times as many players online concurrently than as before. The new micro-transaction store has attracted 53% of players.

Impact: In our new report, The Market for English-language Client-Based PC F2P Games, DFC looks at the issue of established MMOGs going to a free-to-play model.  This first occurred in September 2009 with Turbine’s Dungeon and Dragons Online (DDO).  After being acquired by Warner Bros, Turbine decided to do this for its flagship Lord of the Rings title. Of course when you make something free usage should soar.  However, the most important point is the issue of increasing revenue.  With DDO, Turbine made the subscription optional and they claim subsc.

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