Mojang Purchased by Microsoft For $2.5 Billion
SEPT. 15, 2014 • Following two weeks of leaked accounts that Minecraft studio Mojang AB was in negotiations to be acquired by Microsoft Corp., both parties announced that the developer will be purchased for $2.5 billion. The deal is set
Destiny Sales to Retail Hit $500 Million
SEPT. 10, 2014 • Bungie Software's Destiny sales to retail have hit $500 million for the title's September 9 release. Activision Blizzard reported the dollar figure, which covers units distributed into retail channels internationally, as well as digital copies bundled
China Console Manufacturing Firms Merge
SEPT. 5, 2014 • Last month Chinese president Xi Jinping called on the business community to create powerful media groups that possessed credible mainstream media assets as well as media based on new technology. Now one of the huge state-run
25 New Xbox One Market Launches
[caption id="attachment_12073" align="alignleft" width="400"] Xbox One VP of marketing Yusuf Mehdi at a news conference in Shanghai last July.[/caption] SEPT. 3, 2014 • September was already an important month for launching new Xbox One markets with China, Japan and India
Natsume Interview: Harvesting Success
[caption id="attachment_12052" align="alignleft" width="400"] Natsume Inc. chief executive Yasuhiro Maekawa.[/caption] AUG. 28, 2014 • Much in the same way Nintendo Co. Ltd. has diligently nurtured a wholesome reputation in the video games it publishes, Natsume Inc. has successfully followed a
GameFly Unloads Direct2Drive
[caption id="attachment_12041" align="alignleft" width="400"] AtGames is best known for marketing licensed retro consoles based on classic game systems.[/caption] AUG. 25, 2014 • Three years after digital distributor Direct2Drive was acquired from News Corp by GameFly, Inc., the service has been


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