Razer Ouya Deal Eyes Android TV
JULY 30, 2015 • This week Razer Inc. confirmed it had acquired the software assets of Ouya, Inc. on June 12. The purchase netted Razer Ouya's content catalog and online retail platform, plus the latter's technical and developer relations teams.
Disruptor Beam Looks to be Master of Licensed IP
[caption id="attachment_14419" align="alignleft" width="390"] Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff.[/caption] JULY 22, 2015 • During the last 20 years licensed brands have gotten a bad name with gamers going far back to gems such as Judge Dredd and Star Wars: Masters
Oculus VR Buys Hand Gesture Firm
JULY 17, 2015 • Startup Pebbles Interfaces, the gesture-based interface firm in Israel, has been purchased by Facebook Inc.'s Oculus VR. Financial terms were not disclosed, but the Wall Street Journal reported the purchase price was $60 million, while the Reuters news
Falcon Northwest: Building the High-End Game PC
[caption id="attachment_14368" align="alignleft" width="390"] Kelt Reeves, CEO at Falcon Northwest.[/caption] JULY 15, 2015 • For several years now DFC Intelligence has been examining the positive impact of core gamers on the game industry in general, and the PC game segment
The Truth About E3
JULY 13, 2015 • The Electronic Entertainment Expo last month was a chance for the largest game companies to show off their big new guns. Even as the game industry grows into new markets and platforms, E3 is a reminder that
Chicago Taxes the Cloud
JULY 2, 2015 • Like most major cities, Chicago has an amusement tax levied on concerts, movie exhibition and sporting events within city boundaries. In a first for the Unites States, according to The Chicago Tribune, the city Finance Department


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