July 28, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. – The new Firehose option from DFC Intelligence allows firms to get all DFC reports, including detailed Excel spreadsheets for a reasonable annual price based on the company’s size and budget. Clients can now have access to the multiple briefs, forecasts and analysis that DFC publishes on a regular basis throughout the year.  There is also the option to add analyst access so that companies can talk directly to DFC team members.

DFC specializes in a very specific vertical, providing information on the global video game industry.  “Because most companies need data on a regular basis the most popular option for receiving DFC research is via our all-in-one yearly package,” said DFC CEO David Cole. “Companies gain access to all existing and upcoming DFC products for 12 full months. The Firehose package gives users complete access to the combined 100-plus years of DFC experience in the game industry for one low annual cost.”

The Firehose package includes:

  • All of DFC’s existing game industry research for one full year.
  • Automatic delivery to your Inbox of all new reports as they are released during a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • All new reports are delivered in pdf files, Excel files and PowerPoint.
  • An option to get access to our analysts for questions and support on a regular basis.

To see a list of recent DFC reports go here.

For more information about the Firehose package including a specific price quote contact DFC at

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