The DFC Dossier was launched in 2007 to provide analysis and insights into the video game industry. The goal was to highlight the nuances behind DFC Intelligence forecasts. Originally the Dossier was delivered as a PDF file with news, company and product profiles, interviews, and forecasts. The Dossier is now online with core articles available on the main Dossier page. DFC analysis of the latest news can be found on the News page. Detailed forecasts for individual companies and stocks can be found on the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index, which launched in 2023, as well as the Market Leaders section which has profiles and the latest stock quotes for companies in the video game space.

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Realtime Worlds in Admin

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AUG. 18, 2010 • After releasing its APB online RPG on June 29th, Scotland-based developer Realtime Worlds went into administration. While buyers are sought, 157 of the company’s 210 staffers in Dundee lost their jobs, as well as 28 more in Colorado. …..
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Apple Chasing Handseeing

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AUG. 5, 2010 • Apple Inc. was reported to be negotiating to acquire Handseeing Information Technology Co., Ltd. for as much as $150 million. The firm is a mobile Internet service provider and a mobile game developer in China. Such an acquisition would make sense giv…..
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Microsoft China Seeks Approval For Xbox 360 Launch

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JULY 29, 2010 • The Shanghai Daily reported that Microsoft China has requested approval from Chinese regulators to sell the Xbox 360 in the country. No timetable has been established since Chinese agencies often evaluate such submissions at their own pace. Impact: The Chinese government banned console systems back in 2000. However, there have been exceptions like the Nintendo iQue. Meanwhile…..
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