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Video Game Accessories Market

Soaring Video Game Accessories Market Reaches $11 Billion

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According to the latest report from DFC Intelligence the video game accessories market soared to $11 billion in 2020. While much of this growth was driven by stay-at-home orders and new console systems, long-term growth is expected to continue. By 2025, DFC forecasts the video game accessories market will reach $15 billion. The video game accessories marke…..
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Interview: Corsair Still Sets Own Course

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NOV. 26, 2011 • One of the side effects of video game cycles that stretch on for a decade or more is that the game technology torch is passed to personal computers. While console development is locked into a stationary hardware specification, developers who want to push into advanced content territory can only do so on PCs. There’s a stable core of gamers out there who are well aware of this technology shift, and who modify,…..
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