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Capcom Shifts Strategy

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APRIL 19, 2013 • Changing consumer preferences in favor of mobile and online game platforms has led Capcom Co., Ltd. to announce a serious restructuring of its product plans. Capcom reviewed its business expansion strategy and restructured its game development organization to account for what it characterized as its own delayed response to the shift to digital media delivery being seen throughout the video game industry. Furthermore, the company admitted a decl…..
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Capcom Looking Outside Japan

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SEPT. 12, 2008 • In a shareholder financial report, Capcom chief executive Kenzo Tsujimoto outlined goals of expanding the publisher’s business in global markets. To that end, Tsujimoto said Capcom would not be entertaining acquisitions or mergers in Japan, yet would be aggressively pursue acquisitions and partnerships worldwide. As of March 2008, the company said 53 percent of its game sales came from Japan, with North America accounting for 28 percent, and Europe 19 percent. Driving…..
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