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AMD Gaming Revenue

AMD Beats Expectations in Q4

For the 4th quarter ending 12/31/22, AMD revenue was up 16% over the previous year to $5.6 billion.  For the full year 2022 AMD revenue was up 44% to $23.6 billion.  Net income for the year was down 58% to $1.32 billion. Gaming revenue was up 21% for the year to $6.8 billion.  However, in the fourth quarter of 2022, AMD reported gaming revenue was down 7% from the previous fourth quarter. Analysis In recent years, AMD has challenged Intel…..
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On AMD’s Do or Die 2016

JUNE 23, 2016 • This is a critical year for Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Not only has the technology firm just released its 14nm Polaris GPUs, but it will also be introducing its much more competitive Zen Summit Ridge processors later this year including eight-core FX enthusiast CPUs. It is not easy competing directly with the likes of Nvidia Corp. and Intel Corp. but this year AMD is making some major changes to its product strategy. …..
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