The recent DFC report The Business of Video Games breaks the game industry into multiple segments.  The Video Game Industry Market Segments are based on platform and business model.

1. Console/PC Premium Pay-to-Play: These are the big games that will make noise this fall like the latest Call of Duty, Battlefield, Super Smash Bros. etc.

2. PC Pay-to-Play Online: These are many of the games you find on Steam. In many cases they come from indie developers.

3. Console Pay-to-Play Online: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have a growing business of publishing digital only games from smaller developers on their console platforms.

4. Mobile Pay-to-Play: These are mobile games that attempt to charge users a set fee to play, such as Nintendo’s Super Mario Run.

5. Mobile Games as a Service: This is the business model for most of the major mobile games.

6. PC Low-End Games as a Service: There is growing crossover between Low-End PC games as a service and mobile games. As we discussed in the Business of Video Game report and a recent article, many PC companies in this segment, such as Zynga, are moving more towards mobile.

7. PC Premium Games as a Service: With games like World of Warcraft, the Blizzard portion of Activision Blizzard has been a leader in this category. In this case there has also been some success in also getting consumers to pay upfront. As we discussed last week, NCSoft enjoyed some great recent success bringing their Lineage game to mobile platforms.

8. Console Games as a Service: The best example of this category is the recent success of Fortnite for the console platforms. Overall, this is the smallest segment but it has the greatest growth potential.

The size of the bubble indicates the current market size based on direct consumer spending. The vertical axis represents how much revenue per user the segment generates. The horizontal axis measures expected growth over the next five years.

We encourage you to check out the new video game industry segmentation that DFC Intelligence did in conjunction with Venture Beat and Atlas Technology Group. It is available on the Venture Beat website.


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