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gamerDNAJUNE 4, 2010 • When I started at gamerDNA back in April 2009, the focus was gamerDNA.com the social network for video gamers.

What does that actually mean?

In simple terms we have Facebook for family and friends (not 100% gamer friends ) and Linkedin for our professional lives (not 100% gamer friends). So gamerDNA.com is the Facebook and Linkedin for video gamers with a recommendation engine like music social site Pandora.

Developed  from a combination of game play feeds from different gaming platforms (console and PC), plus user-generated game lists and game preferences, we are able to recommend the most relevant games and other players for our users. We can do that because gamerDNA.com is integrated with all of the major social networks so when a user  plays on their Xbox 360, adds a game to the game list, or unlocks an achievement, these events are broadcasted across their social graph in real time. The primary benefit for gamers is it consolidates all their gaming platforms, game titles and game buddies within one social community. No one has to be core to enjoy gamerDNA’s functionality.

TweetmygamingAt E3 last year we launched TweetMygaming.com, a real-time feed that tracks game popularity trends ranked by video game title. Our other site 360voice is where gamers can read or subscribe via RSS to a blog about what their friends are doing every day on Xbox Live, including tracking gameplay and issuing gamerscore challenges.

360voice has been the home to advertising programs such as the Old Spice Experience Challenge, and has been recognized as part of the trend by advertisers to focus on associating brands with online activities that audiences are participating in, rather than standard media buys. In order to attain scale and reach, gamerDNA has begun building an ad network of endemic video game sites we call The Alliance.

At the tail end of the fourth quarter, Crispygamer’s venture capital firm Constellation (the VC arm of JP Morgan) acquired gamerDNA and all its web properties. The new company was named gamerDNA Media. Our focus as a company is developing the first game segment ad targeting platform fueled by multiple data sources, including the gameplay data feeds from our 400,000 registered users on gamerDNA.com. Therefore, gamerDNA Media online campaigns can be specifically targeted to key gamer sectors or scaled up to span the entire network. Our in-depth knowledge and ongoing engagement of gamers will allow our partners to customize their campaigns into a more focused and efficient media buy that can better align with a brand’s specific marketing initiatives.

These are exciting times for gamerDNA.

Scott Moore, Chief Revenue Officer

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