The DFC Dossier was launched in 2007 to provide analysis and insights into the video game industry. The goal was to highlight the nuances behind DFC Intelligence forecasts. Originally the Dossier was delivered as a PDF file with news, company and product profiles, interviews, and forecasts. The Dossier is now online with core articles available on the main Dossier page. DFC analysis of the latest news can be found on the News page. Detailed forecasts for individual companies and stocks can be found on the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index which launched in 2023, as well as the Market Leaders section which has profiles and the latest stock quotes for companies in the video game space.

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Past As Future At

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SEPT. 25, 2009 • In our ongoing coverage of the major players in digital distribution, DFC looks at the much more specialized Good Old Games ( service based in Warsaw Poland. was launched in 2008 by games publisher CD Projekt. The latter is considered one of the largest publishers in Central and Eastern Europe and got its start back in 1994 publishing original titles, and later localizing best-selling PC Games from the West for Poland. …..
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THQ & EA Takeover Targets?

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SEPT. 22, 2009 • Rumors on Wall Street suggest both THQ and Electronic Arts are take-over targets. Time Warner Inc., fast after its acquisition of Midway Games, is said to be the primary suitor for THQ. EA is said to be the target of Microsoft Corp. Many financial analyst…..
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WB Games Chicago

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JULY 17, 2009 • Although many of Midway Games’ Chicago development staff were retained after the auction acquisition by Warner Bros., all of the former’s corporate office employees were laid off. On July 28, the studio was rebranded as WB Games Chicago. Staff at Midway studios in San Diego, Calif…..
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Ubisoft Gets Ontario Funds

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JULY 6, 2009 • The Canadian provincial government of Ontario is investing $263 million during the next 10 years to help Ubisoft Entertainment set up a game development studio in Toronto. Ubisoft will invest $500 million of its own funds to launch the new studio, which is expected to create 800 jobs …..
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UFC 2009 Fares Well in Europe

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JULY 2, 2009 • UFC 2009 Undisputed has fared well in Europe and stayed on the top 10 in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Finland for several weeks. In several smaller markets such as the Nordic the title has performed better than the local distributor expected. The increasing popularity of the sp…..
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Schilling Buys Big Huge Games

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MAY 27, 2009 • Boston Red Sox veteran baseball player Curt Schilling purchased Big Huge Games from THQ Inc. The acquisition is intended to significantly augment Schilling’s own 38 Studios. The latter has an Unreal engine-based MMO titled Copernicus in development. Terms of the sale were not disclosed. Impact: Big Huge Games is a top class development shop that simply was not a good fit for THQ, a company that specialized in B grade licensed pro…..
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