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Namco Sounds on iTunes

SEPT. 2, 2009 • Namco Sounds is the new exclusive iTunes music label set up by Namco Bandai to market remastered soundtracks from the publisher’s large catalog of game titles. There are also plans for new content to be distributed worldwide. Impact:  The word fro…..
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Bandai Increases D3 Stake

MARCH 18, 2009 • Namco Bandai continued to increase its ownership stake in D3Publisher – up to 95% from 70%. Namco Bandai announced in February the intention to acquire 100% of D3Publisher, plus its European and North American operations, to be run as a wholly owned subsidiary. In addition to its video game publishing…..
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Namco Bandai Launches Surge

DEC, 4, 2008 • To better reach the U.S. market, Namco Bandai launched a Santa Clara, Calif.-based studio and label named Surge. The first title expected under the Surge brand is Afro Samurai in January 2009. Other Namco Bandai IPs will be moved to the label, in addition to original content from the U.S. studio, plus outside developers in the U.S. Impact: Namco Bandai has been releasing games in the U.S. for well-over 20 years.  How…..
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