Peter Dille Hired by Tapjoy

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Peter Dille has joined Tapjoy.

Peter Dille has joined Tapjoy.

SEPT. 7, 2011 • Mobile monetization firm Tapjoy has hired former Sony Computer Entertainment America executive Peter Dille as its chief marketing officer. More than 10,000 apps feature Tapjoy’s service that inserts ads into iOS and Android gameplay. Dille was a senior VP  at SCEA before leaving in March.

Impact: This is the sign of another major shift in the game industry.  Increasingly long-time industry executives are leaving the comfort of established companies to work for venture funded startups.  Tapjoy has received over $70 million in venture funding, so they are able to attract experienced executives like Dille.  Dille had worked at SCEA for a total of 14 years since 1991, with about 6 years at THQ from around 1999 to 2006.  His departure shows the challenge the established companies face trying to retain talent in the face of competition from well-funded startups that offer much more potential upside.   

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