David Perry Talks Online
MAY 22, 2007 • Given the expense and scope of creating best-selling video games for today's powerful systems, it's hard to imagine the industry will soon see individuals starting fresh and coming to wield as much influence as David Perry.
Club Penguin Explained
MAY 22, 2007 • Leveraging a high-profile relationship with MiniClip and a hybrid business model that combines subscriptions and digital item sales, Club Penguin could be a glimpse into the future of the MMOG genre. Developed by New Horizons Interactive,
Wii, A Revolution Or An Evolution?
Sometimes a name can mean a lot. In November, Nintendo launches its new hardware system, the Wii, pronounced “we,” as in you and I. Until last spring this system was known as the Revolution. (more…)
The Fight for No. 1 in Video Games
For the past ten years Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has been the king of the video game market. The first PlayStation (PSOne) and PlayStation 2 (PS2) platforms were THE platforms on which the leading third party publishers made the majority
Could Sony Go From 1st to Worst?
Finally most of the cards are on the table and we can start making some more definitive statements about where we think the video game market is going. DFC Intelligence is always adjusting its forecasting model based on changes in
Sony’s Long Road to A Surprising Price
So now we have a price and boy is it a doozy: $600 for a PlayStation 3 (Ok, the cheapstakes out there can buy a watered down version for $500). Frankly we are shocked, not so much at the price


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