Killzone 3’s Free Multiplayer

 In News, Sony

FEB. 8, 2012 • Sony Computer Ent. announced that it was releasing the multiplayer modes of its Killzone 3 FPS as a free download. PlayStation 3 owners who acquire the package free get full access to the Guerrilla Warfare, Operations, and Warzone modes, but they will be unable to level past the first 10 ranks out of 45 in the DLC. To level further will require a $14.99 payment, or ownership of the full Killzone 3 game.

Impact: Although Sony’s approach to the free-to-play model on console is a cautious one, the company’s efforts are nonetheless steady in this regard. It is no secret that much of the revenue growth in the game industry is happening on the PC side with F2P titles. Looking past the FPS-centric offering so far, the PlayStation Network is becoming a friendly place for virtual item sales.

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