Japan Loves Wii

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papermario-LJUNE 4, 2007 • According to Tokyo-based research firm Enterbrain Inc., Nintendo sold 251,794 Wii systems in May, outselling Sony’s PlayStation 3 consoles five to one. The PS3 trailed the Wii by four to one in April. Nintendo’s DS handheld outsold Sony’s PlayStation Portable five to one in May – 620,670 DSs to 123,673 PSPs. Sony president Ryoji Chubachi tells the daily Yomiuri Shimbunthat the company. “does not rule out the possibility of lowering the price” of the PS3.

Impact: For the past two years the Nintendo DS has absolutely dominated in Japan where it is likely to eventually become the best selling system ever.  The Wii is clearly riding the coattails of the DS and Nintendo could once again reign supreme in its home territory.

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