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Microsoft E3 2019 Overview and Project Scarlett Forecast

Published Date: June 10, 2019
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    On June 9, 2019, Microsoft held its annual E3 press conference.  The company announced some new product plans and confirmed the launch of a new console system in late 2020.  This new console is currently code-named Project Scarlett.  This brief updates our latest Project Scarlett forecast.

    Included in the 15-page brief:

    • Forecast through 2023 for upcoming Project Scarlett broken down by region, hardware units, physical software, and digital game revenue
    • Analysis of Microsoft streaming and subscription game services
    • Analysis of Microsoft’s PC game initiatives
    • Analysis of key Microsoft game and product exclusives
    • Analysis of third-party products
    • Competitive analysis

    This report is part of the DFC Executive Brief Series

    Part of the DFC Intelligence Executive Brief Series

    Project Scarlett Forecast