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Video Game Console Forecasts

Published Date: August 5, 2020
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    These are the latest  DFC Intelligence video game console forecasts for the major systems.   The forecasts includes data in an Excel spreadsheet with historical sales and five-year forecasts for video game console systems from 2008-2024.  Forecasts are broken down by platform and region.

    Platforms include:

    System Launch Generation
    Microsoft Xbox 360 2005 7
    Sony PlayStation 3 2006 7
    Nintendo Wii 2006 7
    Nintendo Wii U 2012 8
    Microsoft Xbox One 2013 8
    Sony PlayStation 4 2013 8
    Nintendo Switch 2017 8
    Microsoft Xbox Series X 2020 9
    Sony PlayStation 5 2020 9

    Regions Include:

    North America
    Western Europe
    Eastern Europe
    Latin America
    Rest of World
    Worldwide Summary

    Included for each platform and region:

    • Hardware units sold per year
    • Hardware revenue per year
    • Active Installed Base by year (units in active use)
    • Cumulative Installed Base by year (total units sold)
    • Packaged Software Revenue (sales of physical media)
    • Online Software Revenue (digital distribution, subscriptions and other online revenue)

    More granular data is available on request and can include forecasts by individual country, business model, game genre and more.

    Also included is a DFC Intelligence Brief that looks at the upcoming launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X.  Both systems are scheduled for launch in late 2020.  There has been plenty of rumors and speculation about the two systems.  The focus of this brief is on what has actually been announced.  Included are PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X forecasts for both worldwide hardware units and total software revenue through 2024.

    The brief is a pdf version of a 20-slide PowerPoint.  Included are:

    • A look at what has officially been announced by Sony and Microsoft
    • Analysis of the importance of key features
    • Assessment of market position of Sony and Microsoft
    • Initial forecasts for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X through 2024

    This brief is included as part of the DFC Executive Brief Series

    Video Game Console Forecasts