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MOBA Market Forecast

Published Date: January 30, 2020
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    In recent years the MOBA game genre has been overshadowed by the growth of battle royale games.  However, MOBA games not only generate billions of dollars they are expected to grow in coming years.

    This brief looks at the size and growth potential for the MOBA game genre.  It includes historical analysis, 5-year forecasts, a look at MOBA and esports, and profiles of leading games and companies.

    This brief is included as part of the DFC Executive Brief Series



    • What is a MOBA?
    • History
    • MOBA Consumer and Business Models
      •    Key Game Metrics
      •   MOBA Funnels
    • Comparison of Top MOBAs
      •   Major Games
      •   Major Players
    • MOBA and eSports
    • Market Size and Forecasts
      •   Platform
      •   Region
      •   Game
    • Summary


    MOBA Market Forecast