Video Game Industry Segments: Games as a Service versus Traditional Games

The recent DFC report The Business of Video Games breaks the game industry into multiple segments. At a high level the biggest distinction is between traditional pay-to-play games and games as a [...]

Wal-Mart Tries Used Games Again

MARCH 18, 2014 • Four years after finding its last run at the used games market to be unsatisfactory, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is taking another swing at the previously-owned used games segment. This [...]

Bitcoin Hooks Big Fish Games

MARCH 11, 2015 • Big Fish Games is now accepting the Bitcoin Internet currency for online game payments and in-app purchases for both its browser and downloadable PC titles. To process bitcoins [...]

Wal-Mart’s Gadgets to Gift Cards

AUG. 19, 2013 • Wal-Mart has put into place a new wide-ranging electronic device buy back program called Gadgets to Gift Cards. The categories of electronics hardware included are numerous – [...]