Nvidia Debuts GTX 1050 GPUs

This week Nvidia Corp. unveiled two new GPUs, the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti. Unlike the TSMC 16 nanometer FinFET manufacturing process utilized with the other Pascal GPUs released since May, the [...]

Nvidia IVI Processor Rides in 6 Million Cars

AUG. 21, 2014 • Nvidia IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) processors are now running in more than 6 million automobiles worldwide. The technology is used by carmakers such as Audi, BMW and Tesla to [...]

New Nvidia Shield Tablet

JULY 22, 2014 • On July 29 Nvidia Corp. is releasing an eight-inch Android tablet in its Nvidia Shield Tablet hardware line. The device comes with a native 1900×1200 HD screen and a [...]

Smaller Wikipad Arrives for E3

JUNE 5, 2013 • All set for a Halloween 2012 release, the 10-inch Wikipad Android gaming tablet was delayed in order fix a hardware issue with the game controller dock. When attached, the [...]

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