Razer Ouya Deal Eyes Android TV

JULY 30, 2015 • This week Razer Inc. confirmed it had acquired the software assets of Ouya, Inc. on June 12. The purchase netted Razer Ouya’s content catalog and online retail platform, [...]

Nvidia Shield Branding Adapts

APRIL 24, 2015 • Introduced as the Nvidia Shield Console last March, Nvidia Corp. is now promoting its new Tegra X1-based set-top unit as the Nvidia Shield Android TV. The $199 device is expected [...]

Google’s Nexus Player Streaming Box

OCT. 16, 2014 • Google Inc. is back in the television set-top business with its new $99 Nexus Player. Preorders for the unit start October 17 but Google has not announced an official launch date. [...]

GamePop Introduces Another Android Console

MAY 9, 2013 • There’s a new player in the rush to bring Android games to the living room, GamePop. The new console and service comes from GameStacks, the company that markets an app to run [...]

New Ouya Android Console In Works

JULY 10, 2012 • Very similar to the concept that launched the mobile phone hardware-based Zeebo console a few years back is a new Android console system called Ouya. The main differences are that [...]