The DFC Dossier was launched in 2007 to provide analysis and insights into the video game industry. The goal was to highlight the nuances behind DFC Intelligence forecasts. Originally the Dossier was delivered as a PDF file with news, company and product profiles, interviews, and forecasts. The Dossier is now online with core articles available on the main Dossier page. DFC analysis of the latest news can be found on the News page. Detailed forecasts for individual companies and stocks can be found on the DFC Intelligence Video Game Stock Index which launched in 2023, as well as the Market Leaders section which has profiles and the latest stock quotes for companies in the video game space.

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Queensland Games

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APRIL 5, 2008 • Game development has become a true global business and hit games come from all around the world. However, there are a few hot spots where developers tend to congregate. In many cases this is because regional governments provide support mechanisms to help incubate a local technology communit…..
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Dawn of War II Sells

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MARCH 7, 2008 • THQ got some much needed good news with reports of brisk sales of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II. The PC title raced ahead to the top of computer game charts. With estimates of selling 300,000 units at retail in the U.S., in the U.K., th…..
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The Magical Kingdom 2.0

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NOV. 5, 2007 • While the game industry always prides itself on being at the forefront of technological development, nowadays some old-line media companies are just as capable of driving innovation. Corporations such as The Walt Disney Co., have weathered several technological c…..
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Ubisoft Acquires Digital Kids

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NOV. 5, 2007 • Japanese development studio Digital Kids is acquired by Ubisoft. Terms were not disclosed. With offices in Nagoya and Osaka, Digital Kids was formed in 1996, and has become very successful at creating animal simulation titles for the DS platform, including the Petz franchise for Ubisoft. Impact: Acquiring studios with an existing relationship to the publisher is becoming a regular occurrence. Both Activision and THQ h…..
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From the Men of GoD: Gamecock

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OCT. 4, 2007 • It is a very lonely neighborhood for the independent game publisher. The economies of scale long ago tilted the publishing business in favor of heavyweights such as Electronic Arts, Activision, THQ and Microsoft – companies with the cash to secure retail space and snap up successful game de…..
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PlayStation 3 Forecast

Could Sony Go From 1st to Worst?

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Finally most of the cards are on the table and we can start making some more definitive statements about where we think the video game market is going. DFC Intelligence is always adjusting its forecasting model based on changes in the marketplace. Suffice to say events of the past six months have forced us to overhaul our models like never before.  …..
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