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THQ Testing Free-to-Play

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SEPT. 23, 2010 • THQ chief executive explained on an investor conference call how the publisher will be testing an adapted F2P model with its retail titles. The concept is to release stripped down versions of selected titles for between $29 and $39, and providing consumers the option of purchasing up to $100 in addition DLC. The model will be tested next year with THQ’s MX vs ATV off-road racing game. …..
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Interview IMVU Banks On Chat

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SEPT. 20, 2010 • Somewhere between social networks and text chat is IMVU. Since 2004 the service has been perfecting a 3D virtual environment where users deck out their avatars in the fashion style of their choice, and go out to chat with the people they meet. In many ways the concept reads like The Sims Online stripped of the simulation gameplay elements, in favor of a doubling down on user-generated content and player interaction. …..
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Netflix Streaming Popular

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SEPT. 17, 2010 • A survey by Credit Suisse discovered 37% of Netflix subscribers aged 25 to 34 substituted Netflix streaming option for their pay television. Similarly, about 30% of users between 18 and 24 are using Netflix’s streaming video service instead of cable or satellite. The survey polled 250 Netflix subscribers. Impact: While a relatively small sample, the Credit Suisse survey resu…..
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Realtime Worlds APB MMO Locked Down

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SEPT. 15, 2010 • Only a month after Scotland-based developer Realtime Worlds went into administration – the British form of bankruptcy – its APB MMOG was shut down. The game had been live for less than three months.  No buyers were found to acquire the MMOG. Impact: Realtime Worlds and the APB MMOG show the risk associated with high end development.  Over the past five years, Realtime ha…..
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4GB Xbox 360 & Halo Reach

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SEPT. 15, 2010 • Microsoft Corp. acknowledged that its 4GB Xbox 360 Slim had a problem with some multiplayer features of Halo Reach. The game is Microsoft’s primary lead-in to the fall sales period, and drove $200 million in worldwide sales its first day in release. On the 4GB Slim, co-operative multiplayer modes will not function as the game will request access to a hard drive, and will ignore the available system memory. …..
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