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  • Regularly updated market forecasts including console systems, hardware, PC games, accessories, cloud games, subscription services, and more
  • Multiple consumer surveys on topics such as console preference, PC game hardware components, accessories, upcoming game purchase intent, brand perception, usage of subscription services, attitudes towards virtual reality, NFT, esports and video game viewership, and much more
  • Detailed company profiles of market leaders in the video game space
  • Regular market briefings on current trends and events
  • Analysis of upcoming game titles
  • Access to DFC analysts for one-on-one consulting
  • Significant discounts on custom projects and consulting

Included Products

Video Game Consoles: Consumer Perspectives

The DFC Intelligence video game console consumer perspective program asks users’ opinions on the video game console systems from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.  The focus is brand perceptions and awareness, current and planned ownership, purchase intention, key features, spending targets, and refresh cycles.  The product is available as both a summary report and/or a full dataset that can be incorporated into a client’s data program of choice.
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PC Game Hardware Forecast

PC Game Hardware

This PC game hardware report provides written analysis and an Excel spreadsheet that provides 5-year PC Game Hardware Forecast broken out by major regions.  Also included is a consumer survey of PC game consumers.
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PC game Software Market

PC Games Global Software Market

DFC Intelligence’s PC Gaming Market Report analyzes and quantifies the global market for PC game software.  This report is part of the ongoing DFC Intelligence Global Video Gaming research program that provides comprehensive coverage of global video game revenues, trends, and forecasts.  Issued annually, the PC Gaming Market Report report delivers analysis and forecasts of the market that companies rely upon for actionable intelligence and guidance that supports sound decision-making.n
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Market Forecasting

DFC Intelligence provides market forecasts and segmentations for clients based on technology, game genre, geography, player classification and more

Due Diligence

DFC supports investors by performing critical due diligence into potential opportunities by assessing risks, hidden values and properly sizing market potential

Custom Segmentations

DFC can support clients to define the true TAM and SAM for their products and create the data sets necessary to make informed decisions

Market Surveys

DFC can create and execute market surveys that assist clients in discovering new opportunities, measuring satisfaction, and evaluating their and brands and product offerings

Quick Questions: Ask an Analyst

Do you have a short-term or focused engagement?  Do you need fast answers from industry experts instead of long drawn-out projects that drain your budgets while serving as training for overpriced and inexperienced consultant firm associates?

  • We understand that many clients have specific questions that need direct answers. Over the years DFC Intelligence analysts have done hundreds of calls with industry clients and investors with focused inquiries into announcements, M&A, earnings or general industry trends.
  • DFC has a database of former industry insiders with expertise in all aspects of the video game industry.  No matter the topic DFC can find the appropriate expert.
    • Former C-level Executives: Discuss market trends, competitive landscape, and strategic relationships.
    • Mid-level Managers: Focus on specific topics with marketing, distribution, supply chain, product development, sales forecasting, and business development.
    • Technology Professionals: Software developers, data analytics professionals, IT operators, and other specific technology professionals can help investors and executives understand core technology issues in layman’s terms.
  • Sometimes clients have short-term needs that require a trusted provider they can come back to again and again. Clients want access to analysts they trust and who can deliver on the immediate needs that the industry creates.  Requests for data, feedback, opinions on emerging developments, and much more
  • Flexibility, Calls can be as short as an hour, and engagements a half-day, full, or more.  A great way to drill down to a specific topic in a short time.

Consumer Surveys

  • DFC Intelligence specializes in surveying core video game consumers in North America, Latin America, and Europe
  • Options include full survey design, language translation, survey implementation, and analysis.
  • Have a survey ready to go? DFC can run the survey at a low cost with a quick turnaround
  • DFC maintains a panel of gamers that can be specifically targeted
  • Targeting Options include:
    • By country, age, and other demographics
    • By specific game played or services subscribed to
    • By hardware owned (including specific PC hardware such as graphic card) and more!