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Google Stadia Underwhelms at Game Developer’s Conference

For a long time, the industry knew that major players were looking to get into the game market via streaming services. Google, of course, was one of the largest such players. At the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Google officially unveiled its Google Stadia gaming service. Many in the industry breathed a sigh of relief as it appears Google is nowhere near being a major player. DFC Intelligence has been covering the potential of streaming, cloud and digital distribution…..
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Google’s Nexus Player Streaming Box

OCT. 16, 2014 • Google Inc. is back in the television set-top business with its new $99 Nexus Player. Preorders for the unit start October 17 but Google has not announced an official launch date. The Nexus Player is one of the first devices to run on the latest Android 5.0 (Lollipop) OS, which has been optimized for large screen HDTVs. Major features include Google Cast, a wealth of streaming content providers and access to Android games and other apps available…..
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Google+ Gains Users

OCT. 29, 2013 • Since May the number of monthly active users (MAU) on the Google+ social network has grown 58% from 190 million to 300 million. The increase was announced at a Google event held in San Francisco. That puts Google+ squarely behind Fa…..
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