The DFC Team

David Cole

David Cole CEO/Founder

David Cole is the founder and CEO of DFC Intelligence, a research firm focused on tracking digital entertainment. Since 1994, he has personally authored numerous reports on the video game and interactive entertainment industry, spoken at leading industry conferences and consulted with top companies in the entertainment, telecommunications, investment and consumer electronics industries. For four years from 1998-2002, Mr. Cole was responsible for preparing the industry retail distribution report that DFC delivered for the NPD Group. In the last ten years, Mr. Cole has spearheaded DFC’s efforts to move into tracking emerging digital distribution channels. Mr. Cole is one of the most widely quoted analysts on video games, computer software and the Internet. Mr. Cole has a BA in economics and industrial relations, as well as a JD from the University of North Carolina.

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller Director of Quantitative Analysis

Jeremy Miller is a data visualization expert with hands on experience in multiple aspects of the game business. Mr. Miller has been working exclusively in the games industry since 1999 and has worked with leading publishers and developers including Valve Software, Activision, Warner Bros., Take 2 Interactive, Rockstar Games, THQ, D3Publisher, Codemasters, Konami, Sega, and Electronic Arts in creative design, marketing, project management and consulting roles. Mr. Miller has worked with DFC Intelligence since 2008 leading the development of new sophisticated web based data analysis and integration tools and services. In addition to helping guide clients through complex strategic challenges, Jeremy is also an avid gamer across console, PC and mobile platforms. He has appeared on CNBC and has been quoted as a games industry expert in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, The Economist and USA Today and speaks regularly at business school programs and industry events. Jeremy holds an MBA degree from Anderson at UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University.

George T. Chronis

George T. Chronis Director of Qualitative Analysis

George T. Chronis is a published author, experienced editor and long-term game industry insider. Mr. Chronis began writing industry profiles and reports for DFC in 2001 and has been in charge of the company’s trade newsletter, The DFC Dossier since 2007. In addition to his editorial duties on DFC reports and publications, Chronis also performs trends analysis on games and technology issues. He has been covering video games and electronic entertainment technology since 1994. Prior to his work with DFC, Chronis was Executive Editor of Games Business Magazine, Executive Editor of GamePro Online, Executive Editor of PC Games Magazine, Senior Editor of Video Store Magazine, and Associate Editor of Video Software Magazine. Chronis received his MA in Communication Arts from Loyola Marymount University, and his BA in Radio & TV Broadcasting from Cal State L.A. Chronis published his first novel, Sudetenland, in 2014, followed in 2015 by Dead Letter File.

Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen CTO

Paul Nguyen has been involved with DFC Intelligence for the past 15 years. He first began with the company as a junior analyst, primarily providing research and analysis of gaming companies and their products as well as the mobile gaming sector for many of DFC’s reports, features and articles. As the company has grown alongside the tech industry’s rapid growth in the past 10 years, Mr. Nguyen has taken the lead in managing DFC’s technical needs, including the company’s IT infrastructure as well as developing technical products such as the company’s website and online information portal to help expand the company’s reach. Mr. Nguyen has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego and an MBA from San Diego State University with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.