Firehose All-In-One Market Research Report Package

If you have questions about the pricing of this annual package please send an email to or call (858) 834-4340

Product Description

The new Firehose option from DFC Intelligence allows firms to get all DFC reports, including detailed Excel spreadsheets for a reasonable annual price based on the company’s size and budget. Clients can now have access to the multiple briefs, forecasts and analysis that DFC publishes on a regular basis throughout the year.  There is also the option to add analyst access so that companies can talk directly to DFC team members. The Firehose package includes:

  • All of DFC’s existing game industry research for one full year.
  • Automatic delivery to your Inbox of all new reports as they are released during a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • All new reports are delivered in pdf files, Excel files and PowerPoint.
  • An option to get access to our analysts for questions and support on a regular basis.
  • To see a list of recent DFC reports go here.

The Firehose package gives users complete access to the combined 100-plus years of DFC experience in the game industry for one low annual cost. DFC specializes in a very specific vertical, providing information on the global video game industry, which now has an estimated 1.4 billion consumers and software revenue expected to reach the $100 billion range by 2018.