Annual Research Services

Many companies want access to multiple reports on a regular basis. Key DFC Intelligence forecasts and reports are updated annually or in some cases several times a year. DFC offers research packages that allow subscribers to get access to individual reports on an annual basis.

These packages are custom tailored to each clients’ needs and budget. Some services include database access that allow companies to search the DFC Intelligence database and pull data into pdfs and Excel files. We offer multiple annual research services and clients are free to customize services to fit their specific needs.  Some of our most popular services include:

Worldwide Video Game Forecasting Service
This service is updated three to four times a year and includes latest sales, installed base and five-year forecasts for console PC and mobile platforms.

  • Sales are broken down by platform, region and distribution method (retail or online)
  • Sales are broken out for over 35 countries and regions
  • Major individual content platforms are covered for all countries and regions included in the data set
  • Research is available via a data visualization tool that features custom pulls into Excel files

Consumer Segmentation Service
The goal of the consumer segmentation service is to accurately identify the addressable market of global consumers by eliminating double counting of those who use multiple platforms. The service breaks the active number of global game consumers into manifold dimensions based on platform, game genre, consumer type and country/region. The Consumer Segmentation Service can be customized to specific platforms, genres or regions. This program provides multiple data visualization tools that allow for custom pulls into Excel files.

Custom Product Forecasting Service
This is a service custom built for each client’s needs where the goal is to make the experience highly customizable and easily updatable.

  • Clients can select which inputs and outputs they desire
  • Most clients want custom functionality so they can run multiple scenarios quickly and internally
  • Data Visualization Tools allow organizations to share data internally on a consistent basis
  • Can be custom-built for specific markets and platforms

Hardware Forecasting Service
This service looks at forecasted sales and active installed base of the major hardware platforms. These platforms are broken out for over 35 countries and regions by unit sales and active installed base. Platforms included are:

  • All major video game console systems broken out individually
  • All major dedicated portable game platforms broken out individually
  • iOS tablets, iOS smartphones, high-end Android tablets, Android smartphones

Game Tracking Services
DFC Intelligence offers several services that allow tracking actual usage and in some cases revenue of individual apps and games across specific platforms. These services extrapolate performance of individual products over time based on actual consumer usage.  Platforms tracked include:   iOS  •  Android/GooglePlay  •  Xbox  •  PlayStation Network  •  PC

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