Cord Cutting in the Digital Living Room: Fact or Fiction?

April 16, 2012

Many have advocated that over-the-top video will lead to the end of pay-TV services as we know it, but is this really the case?

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Are TVs going to be replaced by computer screens, tablets and smartphones. Will consumers choose to “cut the cord” and replace their pay-TV provider (e.g., cable operators, satellite provider or telco) with a lower cost combination of over-the-air HD programming and internet deliverd movies and TV shows? Or will, they “shave the cord” opting to replace higher priced digital tiers or pay channels (e.g., HBO, Showtime, Starz) with lower cost alternatives. This report examines current trends in pay-TV, the consumption of over-the-top video and the impact this will have on pay-TV providers, CE manufacturers, broadcast and cable networks, and movie and TV studios.

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