Online Game Market Forecasts

February 09, 2014

This is a complete forecasting service with data provided in multiple reports and spreadsheets

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The Online Game Market Forecasts is an interactive service that provides the following data analysis:

  • Aggregate numbers at the region level for console and PC.
  • Breakdown by core genres (MMOG, FPS, Casual etc).
  • Break down by country level across all dimensions for over 30 countries.
  • Granular detail on particular markets such as PC games by genre and business model, digital distribution of console games and others.

Access to this data can include:

  • Interactive spreadsheets.
  • An online service that allows you to manipulate the data and pull your own queries.
  • Revised updates that are continuously published throughout the year.

Pricing depends on the level of data detail and other factors including number of users and frequency of updates. Annual subscription rates are also available.

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