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Paradox Interactive Focuses on Grand Strategy Games

APRIL 14, 2015 • Many major game publishers have withdrawn from genres that used to be staples for the PC platform – the kinds of deep strategy and RPG titles that once defined computer games. It was not a factor of these titles not selling but how much money was available to be made in publishing them compared to a Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto installment.  Paradox Interactive is one company that has doubled down on complex strategy games. …..
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Paradox Acquires AGEOD

DEC. 15, 2009 • Paradox Interactive, known for PC strategy titles such as Europa Universalis, acquired French strategy game developer AGEOD. The latter created titles like Birth of America and Napoleon’s Campaigns. Impact: Given that one of ADEOD’s principal executives once worked at Paradox, this merger is probably more complementary than similar product lines would suggest. The m…..
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