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What Role Will Advertising Play in the $40 Billion Video Game Industry?

Second Half of 2007: Time for the Xbox 360 to Shine

Summer:  Who Has Time to Take a Vacation When There is a Console War Going On?

Digital Distribution Key to Online Game Market Growth

Chasing After the Elite Consumer

Success in MMOGs: Careful Planning Vs. Wildcat Drilling

Going Mobile: Welcome to the World of Nintendo

Investing in the MMOG Space

December: Time to Look Forward Into the Past

Are Wii in for a Revolution or an Evolution?

Win, Place or Show: Does it Really Matter?

Is It Possible to Surpass World of Warcraft?

The Fight for Number One in Video Games

Could Sony Go From First to Worst?

Sony’s Long Road to a Surprising Price Announcement

Will Online Games Decide the Upcoming Video Game Console War?

Who Will Benefit from the Growth of Online Game Subscription Revenue?

Can Games Capture a Share of Online Advertising Revenue?

Are Game Company Stocks Due to Soar in 2006?

Glimpses into the Future of Video Games from Microsoft and Nintendo

Looking at the Game Market for Holiday 2005

The Service-Oriented Game Industry: Paving the Way for New Business Models

The Game Business Comes to China

Forecasting the Video Game Industry

Looking at the Big Three after E3

The Growing Customization of Games Could Expand Revenue Opportunities

Will New Technology for Next Generation Hardware Drive Innovations in Gameplay?

Creating Market Value in a Game Company

Separating the Winners from the Losers in 2004

Holiday 2004: The Value of Low Expectations

Wide Revenue Variation for Interactive Entertainment Companies

Do We Really Need Another Platform Transition?

Can Traditional Publishers Handle a Diversified Interactive Entertainment Market?

Still Substantial Growth Potential for MMOG Games

The Online Game Market Heats Up

E3 2004: The Start of the Portable Market Battle

The Risk Adverse Interactive Entertainment Industry of 2004

The Business of Computer and Video Games 2004

The Themis Report on Online Gaming 2004

Holiday 2003: Is the Industry Ready for the Mass-Market Consumer?

A New Peak for Interactive Entertainment Sales?

The Battle for Second Place: Microsoft vs Nintendo

Online Console Gaming at the Tip of the Iceberg

The Disappointment of Online Advertising

Challenges and Opportunities in the Online Game Market

DFC Intelligence’s Impressions of E3 2003

Game Industry Market Forecasts Part 2

Game Industry Market Forecasts

Nintendo Still in the Game

The Dangers of Overhyping the Video Game Market

Game Company Revenues

The Games of the 2002 Holiday Season

Wireless Games

Online Gaming on the Video Game Systems

Game Industry Forecasts

Game Industry Highlights 2001

Game Genres: Making Sense of the Trends in 2002

GameCube and Xbox Launch Show Intense Demand for Video Games

E3 2001 Overview
This year’s E3 showed that there truly will be three strong competitors in the video game hardware race.

Perspectives on the Year 2000

Top Games
DFC Intelligence has compiled this subjective list of the top games. 

Top-Selling Games of 2000

Sega Update: A Bright Future May Still Be in the Cards

Going Into 2001: Too Many Choices for Gamers?

Nintendo GAMECUBE Update
At the Spaceworld 2000 show in Japan, Nintendo announced more details about their upcoming portable and 128-bit game systems.

Top Ten Myths of the Interactive Entertainment Industry
A lengthy excerpt from The U.S. Market for Video Game & Interactive Electronic Entertainment.


Retail Channels for Interactive Entertainment
Presented by David Cole at GameXecutive Conference, March 1999.

Business Models for Online Games
Presented by David Cole at E3, June 1997.


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