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The Online Game Market

This 800-page report also includes a 40-slide PowerPoint summary released in June 2007 and forecasts updated in May 2007.  The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the online gaming market.  Includes current sales trends, market forecast, and in-depth company profiles.  Part I provides an overview of the major trends in the online game market.  Part II contains a summary of the history of online games.  Part III has forecasts for the online game market through 2012 broken down by market (North America, Europe, Japan, East Asia), type of user (console hard-core, console moderate, console casual, PC hard-core, PC moderate, PC casual), type of revenue (subscription, advertising, digital distribution) and type of platform (console, PC), and game genre (MMOG, FPS, Sports/Racing, Strategy/Simulation, Childrens, Casual).   Parts IV and V focus on the key players, business models and distribution channels for online games.  There are specific market forecasts and analysis of such areas as MMOG games, online game distribution, mini-transaction and virtual property sales, games of skill for cash prizes and other areas.  Part VI looks at operating costs and issues such as bandwidth and latency.  Part VII specifically looks at console online gaming.  Parts VIII and IX concentrate on game genres and the people that play online games.  Included is a detailed look at massively multiplayer games.  Part X is a profile of 35 of the leading online game companies including Electronic Arts/ EA.com, RealArcade, NCsoft, Webzen, NetEase, Sony Online Entertainment, Microsoft, Mythic, GameSpy, Blizzard, Yahoo! Games,  WildTangent, PopCap, Neopets, WorldWinner and others. 


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