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The Game Market in China

This 350-page report contains a comprehensive analysis of the game market in China.  The report has 15 sections.  Part I provides an overview of the key points of the report.  Part II contains a background on China and a summary of the Chinese game market.  Part III looks at Chinese government regulations affecting the game industry.  Part IV provides an overview of China's telecommunications infrastructure.  Part V focuses on piracy and issues of security and professional game players.   Part VI looks at challenges for foreign companies entering the Chinese marketplace.  Parts VII-IX take a detailed look at the existing and emerging game genres in China, including detailed business model analysis by genre.  Part X contains market forecasts for the China online game market to 2010.  Parts XI and XII have an overview of console games, handheld systems and mobile gaming in China.  Parts XIII- XV profile 30 of the leading game companies in China and also include an analysis of over 25 companies and their activities in the Chinese game market.

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