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FAQS about DFC Intelligence

How long have you been covering the video game and interactive entertainment industry?

DFC Intelligence began covering the industry in 1993 and published our first report in 1995.


What type of information do you provide?

DFC Intelligence specializes in market research and strategic analysis of issues in the worldwide PC game, video game, online game and multimedia industries. Our reports include historical analysis and trends, 5-year scenario-based forecasting, company profiles, insights, opinions and detailed sector analysis.


Where do you get your information?

Over the past ten years, DFC Intelligence has built a proprietary database of market information, both public and private.  We have also worked closely providing reports for primary research providers such as the NPD Group.  On a regular basis we interview industry executives and attend private briefings.  Our analysis is based on solid industry sales figures, coupled with our insights based on years of experience tracking every major aspect of the interactive entertainment industry.


Who uses your information?
DFC Intelligence reports have been used by over 300 companies worldwide, including almost every major company in the interactive entertainment industry.  Our monthly email newsletter goes out to over 10,000 individual addresses.  Our clients include leading software publishers, developers, retailers, financial institutions, investors, public relations, ad agencies, law firms, consulting firms, media companies, educational institutions and others.  In short, anyone with a business investment interest in the video game and interactive entertainment industry could benefit from our reports.


How do people use your information?
Over the years, we have found that people use DFC Intelligence reports for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Market Planning: Reports like our Worldwide Market Forecasts for the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry  have historical numbers and detailed five-year forecasts for individual game systems.   In addition, this report has forecasts in multiple scenarios.  DFC has built a very sophisticated forecasting model that has been highly accurate in the past.  However, we know that predicting future consumer behavior is an inexact science. Therefore, DFC has built its forecasting model so that we can ask questions like "What is the worst case scenario for the PS3?;" "What are the different ways the Microsoft Xbox 360 could change the market?;" "How does the market in Europe compare with the market in Japan and the U.S.,"  "What is the best case and worst case scenario for Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo?"  Our report contains complete forecasts for all these scenarios.
  2. Corporate Training: Many companies are using DFC reports to get their employees up to speed on trends in the interactive entertainment industry.  A report like The Business of Computer and Video Games provides an historical perspective and examines how the industry works from development through distribution.  Several leading publishers have told us that they use this report to help train new employees.  For such a complete research solution, DFC Intelligence offers a bundle of reports in deeply discounted package research services
  3. Business Plans and Presentations: DFC reports are designed as a complete reference tool for executives that need quick access to basic facts for a presentation or business plan.  Oftentimes, even the most experienced executive will know a given piece of information is true, but not have the supporting documentation at their fingertips.  Many executives have told us that our reports are invaluable simply for the time it saves them doing business plans and presentations.  Our report Overview of the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry summarizes some key highlights and forecasts from our more comprehensive report in a format custom designed to be used in business presentations.  From 2006 onward, our package research services contain detailed Excel spreadsheets that allow for the creation of custom graphs and charts for business planning and presentation.

Do you offer an educational discount?
The video game industry has become an extremely popular topic for educational research.  In an effort to share some of our knowledge, DFC Intelligence has a free monthly newsletter available to anyone that signs up.  Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive from the education community we can not offer free research.  However, we have worked with institutions like the University of Southern California to provide custom versions of our reports for the classroom.  Please note that this type of custom research is designed for institutions and will be well out of the budget of most individual students.

I am confused, which report(s) should I order?

The most cost effective way to buy DFC Intelligence research is an annual subscription package.  This allows you to get all existing reports PLUS all new reports for up to a year at a significant discount off the individual report price.  In addition, in 2006 we started releasing Excel spreadsheets for the forecasts in our reports.  These spreadsheets are available only to our research service subscribers.  For more info on research packages go here.

Our individual reports can be broken down as follows:

Worldwide Market Forecasts for the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry: This report is very number-centric and contains detailed five year industry forecasts broken down by individual platform (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, portable systems, PC games, PS3, Xbox 360, Revolution, etc) and region (North America, Europe and Japan).  Because of market uncertainty our forecasts are done in multiple scenarios so that we can make separate forecasts for different assumptions.  For example we do a set of forecasts assuming all the new systems are released at the same time, and a separate set of forecasts for assuming one system is launched before another.

The Business of Computer and Video Games:  In contrast to the Market Forecasts report, this report is analysis centric.  Topics include:

  • A historical analysis of the six major cycles of the video game industry.
  • An overview of console, portable and PC-based hardware systems.
  • A look at individual hardware systems of the past ten years.
  • A discussion of the different markets throughout the world.
  • The top-selling games of the past ten years.
  • A complete analysis of game genres.
  • An analysis of what makes a game successful.
  • Consumer demographics and profiles.
  • The players in the industry food chain, including developers, publishers, distributors and retailers.
  • A look at development issues.
  • Detailed business models showing different break-even scenarios for developers and publishers.  Scenarios are broken down based on sales level, publishing structure and cost of licensed content.
  • A complete look at the retail chain, including analysis of individual retail chains.
  • Results of retail chain price point survey.
  • Marketing elements, costs and case studies.
  • Analysis of major trends.
  • A comparison of video games with other forms of media, including the music and movie industries.
  • A discussion of emerging distribution channels.

The Online Game Market:  This report is a detailed look at issues in online games.  It contains about 150 pages of detailed scenario-based forecasting broken down by region (Asia, North America, Japan, Europe), user hours, type of consumer and business model (subscription, advertising, digital distribution etc), game genre (MMOG, FPS, casual, etc).  This is supplemented by over 250 pages of analysis and case studies.

Market Leaders in the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry: This report consists of individual profiles of leading game publishers.  Each company profile is 15-40 pages long and contains historical background, financial info, product line overview and a detailed analysis of the company’s strategy, strengths and weaknesses.  The report also contains a 100-page overview comparing the performance of software publishers based on different criteria.

The Game Market in China: As its name suggests, this report is a very detailed look at the fast growing and dynamic Chinese game industry.  Includes five-year forecasts, market entry strategies and complete analysis and case studies of how the business models in China differ from the rest of the world.

Overview of the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry This is a 78-page report plus a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes some key highlights and forecasts from our more comprehensive report in a format custom designed to be used in business presentations.

We also have released or have plans to release detailed reports on such topics as licenses in games, the state of game technology, wireless gaming, massively multiplayer games, analysis of individual countries, executive interviews and other topics.  Sign up for our free monthly newsletter to keep up to date on new report releases.

What makes DFC Intelligence research different?

DFC has focused exclusively on the video game and interactive entertainment market for over ten years.  We feel our reports cover the topic in greater detail then any other publicly available research.  Not only have we built a massive database of industry information, but we have built a sophisticated forecasting model.  Our forecasting model is based on historical analysis of software to hardware tie rates and how they vary by type of consumer.  For example, we know that a consumer buying a system like the PlayStation 2 in 2000 or 2001 will have very different usage patterns then a consumer buying a PlayStation 2 in 2004.  This type of knowledge allows us to do detail scenario-based forecasting.  Because of the uncertainties associated with a consumer entertainment product like games, our forecasts are done in multiple scenarios to provide a best case, worst case and most likely case scenario for individual platforms and markets.  This allows users to adjust forecasts as events in the market warrant.

But, DFC Intelligence research is much more then just numbers and forecasts.  We look closely at the products, analyze the strategies of the market players and we are not afraid to state our opinions.  For example, our report The Business of Computer and Video Games takes a look at such issues as industry consolidation, rising development costs, game genre trends, growing consumer demand, types of publishing deals, retail shelf space, marketing campaigns and much more.

How do I order a report or research package?

To order either a research package or individual report go here.  The best method is to fill out the online form and submit it via our website.  The order can also be faxed to 858-780-9671.  However, we suggest that anyone faxing an order also call us at 858-780-9680 to make sure it was received.

How soon will I get my report?

Please note that because of the size of the order involved the reports are not delivered immediately.  Generally we can get the report out within 24 to 48 hours.  Please be aware that international orders can take longer to process.  To speed up processing it is best to notify the bank issuing your credit card that you have made this order.  DFC Intelligence is aware that many users need our reports “yesterday.”  We suggest that if you need a report immediately you call us at 858-780-9680 AND submit the online web form.  We will do our best to get the report to you as soon as possible, sometimes within the hour.  However, we can not guarantee this turnaround.     


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